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We offer a menu of services that develops ancillary revenue streams which enable our clients to maximize their financial performance.

Our founders created the company in 1998 when the introduction of managed care increased the complexity of the revenue cycle related to laboratory services. Our business grew with OB-GYN practices in the Atlanta metro area before expanding to include additional geographical markets and specialties.

Through the environment of ever-changing healthcare reimbursements, and the shift of expenses to patient responsibility, we aim to remove some of the burden from patients and their physicians by providing staff dedicated to accurate and timely responses.

While we have been focused on laboratory services for more than twenty years, we have also extended our service offerings to remain competitive in the rapidly expanding world of healthcare technology. Our additional services include pelvic floor rehabilitation, independent laboratory management, and healthcare technology automation solutions.

We are committed to our patients and our client’s satisfaction. We are honored to have served patients and physicians of the nation’s leading OB-GYN and Internal Medicine practices for more than twenty years. Our goal is to continue these relationships, add relationships with new patients and physicians, and expand our focus on bringing internally built revenue cycle automation tools to the marketplace.

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