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Phytest’s Billing Analysis Tool

See how your laboratory’s billing compares to advancing industry standards in 2 minutes with our free billing analysis. We’ve created a quick tool that allows our experts to review your lab’s billing environment.


We’re a service-based leader in the laboratory RCM industry

promoting your lab’s growth.

67% of laboratories have switched RCM companies because of a poor experience from their RCM provider. Our RCM expertise is secondary to forming trusted relationships with clients that shows in our service.

End-to-end RCM solutions that solve in-house pitfalls


Our extensive customer service, innovative technology, and expertise create a more efficient, better coordinated laboratory billing environment that labs can’t achieve on their own.

We do more than maintain financial stability.

We promote growth opportunities.

Data-driven decisions

Customizable reports and dashboards reveal where to reduce loss, expand performance, and opportunity for new lines of business.

Automations that maximize efficiency

Automated data entry and workflows that work to reduce human-error and labor while also detecting available reimbursement sources.

Unparalleled client & patient support

Partnering with Phytest means we are vested in your success. Dedicated patient services mean faster payment for your lab and availability to process more claims.

An exclusive laboratory focus

By only servicing laboratories, we ensure your claims don’t get neglected by “larger-dollar” claims like other RCM companies. Our unique lab RCM focus has given us a level of deep expertise that is shown in our account managers and claim scrubbing technology.

Years of industry expertise



Clean claim rate

States we serve




A vested partnership in success is built in prioritized service

Giving any lab, any size, any speciality, complete financial transparency.

Treating the patients of our clients with unparalleled support in all stages of the billing process.

See how Phytest can grow your lab today

We’re ready when you are. Schedule a consultation on your time to get a personable walk-through of our services and platform and see how we can customize our lab RCM services to your needs.

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