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Since our founding in 1998, Phytest has partnered with healthcare providers to increase revenue and provide cutting edge technology and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for labs of all sizes. Over the past two decades, Phytest has evolved into a premier provider of RCM services and has provided managed lab services to help owners control costs as they scale.

From start-ups to market leaders and across the lab sector spectrum, our clients depend on Phytest to provide a platform of technology and services that takes the guesswork out of lab RCM.

Our lab billing automation streamlines the revenue cycle, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures payment for your tests. Through our Phytest Atlas RCM platform, we provide an unprecedented level of transparency into the process, so lab owners can rest assured we are maximizing revenue and holding insurance companies accountable.

Managed by a highly-skilled team of in-house IT professionals, our software platforms and technology suite provide an exceptional user experience. Our team stays up-to-date with the sector’s ever-changing landscape to deliver the tools and solutions that allow our clients to manage their labs successfully.

Not only does Phytest provide the technology and transparency you need to manage your lab, but we also have a world-class customer service team, many of whom have been with Phytest since the beginning. This combination of high-tech and high-touch service means Phytest is a partner that time and again has proven to deliver consistent, unparalleled revenue cycle results.

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Our History

25+ Years in the making


The company attains 10+ laboratory clients within the year. Phytest launches sister company, PhytestDX, to build medical and diagnostics laboratories for physician practices.

Changing the lab RCM space

Phytest launches the first version of its fully integrated client portal. The client portal allows laboratory clients to view analytics and reporting, as well as patient and financial information from a single location. Integration with the company’s lab RCM software provides real-time detail.

Rapid growth and industry breakthroughs

Phytest now does business with groups all over the country in Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and more. One of the only lab RCM companies to now integrated automated demographic information input without outsourcing.

Making a name

The company partners with the largest POLs in North Carolina and Georgia, along with over 90 other providers in the space. Phytest introduces the first proprietary lab RCM scrubbing software on the market and becomes a stand out differentiator.

Building a foundation of customer service

Phytest is founded to aid with the physician owned laboratory space and quickly forms core business values of customer service, transparency, and innovation. OBGYN practices are quickly attained and growth begins.

Our difference & emphasis


We only succeed when our clients succeed.

We innovate and expand our offerings to each client’s unique needs to help them achieve growth. Phytest’s unmatched, 100% U.S. based patient service team will prioritize the patients of our client’s providers.


We establish trust through complete visibility.

We give access to a customizable Client Portal with real-time financial information as well as a dedicated Account Manager available to answer all questions about your financial management at every stage.


Your laboratory receives dedicated expertise.

Phytest’s focus on labs ensures that your lab’s claims will not move to the “end of the line” behind surgeries, deliveries, infusions, or other large dollar claim items. For 25 years, our professionals have been working to ensure revenue is maximized from laboratory claims only.


Our solutions cater to each lab individually.

Our workflow tools may be uniquely repackaged to help manage the process flows in any lab’s environment and ensures our team can focus their efforts on addressing outliers and potential issues with claims before they go to payers.

“Our expertise is secondary to our transparency of keeping clients informed and involved at every stage of the laboratory RCM process.”


Don’t just take our word for it

 We’ve supported laboratories and physician groups of all sizes and specialties across the country, with client retention averaging up to 11+ years.

Our unparalleled client and patient support is best exemplified, not just shown. Partner with us to experience the difference.

“Our search for a laboratory RCM vendor led us to Phytest. What we ended up with is a true partnership that has produced consistently excellent results for almost two decades. Not only has Phytest provided excellent RCM services, but they have helped streamline our operations to deliver our desired combination of excellent patient service and a healthy bottom line.”


President, The Kaufmann Clinic

Our team is your team

Comprised of professionals that have been in the industry for decades, the Phytest team is made of individuals that hold our core values at heart: providing our best for our clients, always.

Our 100% on-shore team of billers, patient relations staff, recovery specialists, RCM experts, developers, account managers, analysts, and more are valued like family and value our clients as our own.

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