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This code list is effective January 1, 2022

CPT/HCPCSDescriptionNational Avg. Medicare Reimbursement
36415Routine venipuncture$3.00
80047Metabolic panel ionized ca$13.73
80048Metabolic panel total ca$8.46
80051Electrolyte panel$7.01
80053Comprehen metabolic panel$10.56
80061Lipid panel$13.39
80069Renal function panel$8.68
80074Acute hepatitis panel$47.63
80076Hepatic function panel$8.17
80150Assay of amikacin$15.08
80155Drug screen quant caffeine$38.57
80156Assay carbamazepine total$14.57
80157Assay carbamazepine free$13.25
80158Assay of cyclosporine$18.05
80159Drug screen quant clozapine$20.15
80162Assay of digoxin$13.28
80163Assay of digoxin free$13.28
80164Assay dipropylacetic acid$13.54
80165Dipropylacetic acid free$13.54
80168Assay of ethosuximide$16.34
80169Drug screen quant everolimus$13.73
80170Assay of gentamicin$16.38
80171Drug screen quant gabapentin$21.67
80173Assay of haloperidol$15.78
80175Drug screen quan lamotrigine$13.25
80176Assay of lidocaine$14.69
80177Drug scrn quan levetiracetam$13.25
80178Assay of lithium$6.61
80180Drug scrn quan mycophenolate$18.05
80183Drug scrn quant oxcarbazepin$13.25
80184Assay of phenobarbital$15.30
80185Assay of phenytoin total$13.25
80186Assay of phenytoin free$13.76
80188Assay of primidone$16.59
80190Assay of procainamide$60.00
80192Assay of procainamide$16.75
80194Assay of quinidine$14.6
80195Assay of sirolimus$13.73
80197Assay of tacrolimus$13.73
80198Assay of theophylline$14.14
80199Drug screen quant tiagabine$27.11
80200Assay of tobramycin$16.13
80201Assay of topiramate$11.92
80202Assay of vancomycin$13.54
80203Drug screen quant zonisamide$13.25
80299Quantitative assay drug$18.64
80400Acth stimulation panel$32.62
80402Acth stimulation panel$86.96
80406Acth stimulation panel$78.26
80408Aldosterone suppression eval$125.5
80410Calcitonin stimul panel$80.37
80412CRH stimulation panel$801.62
80414Testosterone response$51.64
80415Estradiol response panel$55.89
80416Renin stimulation panel$209.32
80417Renin stimulation panel$43.99
80418Pituitary evaluation panel$579.48
80420Dexamethasone panel$161.88
80422Glucagon tolerance panel$46.07
80424Glucagon tolerance panel$50.50
80426Gonadotropin hormone panel$148.41
80428Growth hormone panel$66.70
80430Growth hormone panel$129.33
80432Insulin suppression panel$165.61
80434Insulin tolerance panel$285.03
80435Insulin tolerance panel$103.00
80436Metyrapone panel$91.16
80438TRH stimulation panel$50.41
80439TRH stimulation panel$67.21
81000Urinalysis nonauto w/scope$4.02
81001Urinalysis auto w/scope$3.17
81002Urinalysis nonauto w/o scope$3.48
81003Urinalysis auto w/o scope$2.25
81007Urine screen for bacteria$29.98
81015Microscopic exam of urine$3.05
81020Urinalysis glass test$4.70
81025Urine pregnancy test$8.61
81050Urinalysis volume measure$3.64
81161Dmd dup/delet analysis$279.00
81206Bcr/abl1 gene major bp$163.96
81207Bcr/abl1 gene minor bp$144.84
81208Bcr/abl1 gene other bp$214.62
81210Braf gene$175.4
81211Brca1&2 seq & com dup/delN/A
81212Brca1&2 185&5385&6174 var$440
81213Brca1&2 uncom dup/del varN/A
81214Brca1 full seq & com dup/delN/A
81215Brca1 gene known fam variant$375.25
81217Brca2 gene known fam variant$375.25
81225Cyp2c19 gene com variants$291.36
81226Cyp2d6 gene com variants$450.91
81227Cyp2c9 gene com variants$174.81
81235Egfr gene com variants$324.58
81240F2 gene$65.69
81241F5 gene$73.37
81245Flt3 gene$165.51
81246Flt3 gene analysis$83.00
81256Hfe gene$65.36
81261Igh gene rearrange amp meth$197.99
81262Igh gene rearrang dir probe$68.55
81263Igh vari regional mutation$294.52
81264Igk rearrangeabn clonal pop$172.73
81265Str markers specimen anal$233.07
81267Chimerism anal no cell selec$207.46
81268Chimerism anal w/cell select$260.79
81270Jak2 gene$91.66
81275Kras gene$193.25
81287Mgmt gene methylation anal$124.64
81288Mlh1 gene$192.32
81291Mthfr gene$65.34
81292Mlh1 gene full seq$675.40
81293Mlh1 gene known variants$331.00
81294Mlh1 gene dup/delete variant$202.40
81295Msh2 gene full seq$381.70
81296Msh2 gene known variants$337.73
81297Msh2 gene dup/delete variant$213.30
81298Msh6 gene full seq$641.85
81299Msh6 gene known variants$308.00
81300Msh6 gene dup/delete variant$238.00
81301Microsatellite instability$348.56
81310Npm1 gene$246.52
81313Pca3/klk3 antigen$255.05
81315Pml/raralpha com breakpoints$207.31
81316Pml/raralpha 1 breakpoint$207.31
81317Pms2 gene full seq analysis$676.50
81318Pms2 known familial variants$331.00
81319Pms2 gene dup/delet variants$203.50
81321Pten gene full sequence$600.00
81322Pten gene known fam variant$46.60
81323Pten gene dup/delet variant$300.00
81332Serpina1 gene$43.65
81340[email protected] gene rearrange amplify$208.92
81341[email protected] gene rearrange dirprobe$49.59
81342Trg gene rearrangement anal$201.50
81370Hla i & ii typing lr$402.12
81371Hla i & ii type verify lr$404.52
81372Hla i typing complete lr$403.59
81373Hla i typing 1 locus lr$127.43
81374Hla i typing 1 antigen lr$74.33
81375Hla ii typing ag equiv lr$220.74
81376Hla ii typing 1 locus lr$122.22
81377Hla ii type 1 ag equiv lr$94.74
81378Hla i & ii typing hr$345.57
81379Hla i typing complete hr$335.38
81380Hla i typing 1 locus hr$177.25
81381Hla i typing 1 allele hr$169.90
81382Hla ii typing 1 loc hr$123.68
81383Hla ii typing 1 allele hr$109.13
81410Aortic dysfunction/dilation$504.00
81411Aortic dysfunction/dilation$1350.19
81415Exome sequence analysis$4780.00
81416Exome sequence analysis$12000.00
81417Exome re-evaluation$320.00
81420Fetal chrmoml aneuploidy$759.05
81425Genome sequence analysis$5031.2
81426Genome sequence analysis$2709.95
81427Genome re-evaluation$2337.65
81430Hearing loss sequence analys$1625.00
81431Hearing loss dup/del analys$679.57
81435Hereditary colon cancer$584.90
81436Hereditary colon ca synd$584.90
81440Mitochondrial gene$3324.00
81445Targeted genomic seq analys$597.91
81450Targeted genomic seq analys$759.53
81455Targeted genomic seq analys$2919.6
81460Whole mitochondrial genome$1287.00
81465Whole mitochondrial genome$936.00
81470X-linked intellectual dblt$914.00
81471X-linked intellectual dblt$914.00
81528Oncology colorectal scr$508.87
82009Test for acetone/ketones$4.52
82010Acetone assay$8.17
82013Acetylcholinesterase assay$12.29
82016Acylcarnitines qual$16.49
82017Acylcarnitines quant$16.87
82024Assay of acth$38.62
82030Assay of adp & amp$25.80
82040Assay of serum albumin$4.95
82042Assay of urine albumin$7.78
82043Microalbumin quantitative$5.78
82044Microalbumin semiquant$6.23
82045Albumin ischemia modified$33.94
82075Assay of breath ethanol$30.00
82085Assay of aldolase$9.71
82088Assay of aldosterone$40.75
82103Alpha-1-antitrypsin total$13.44
82104Alpha-1-antitrypsin pheno$14.46
82105Alpha-fetoprotein serum$16.77
82106Alpha-fetoprotein amniotic$17.00
82107Alpha-fetoprotein l3$64.41
82108Assay of aluminum$25.48
82120Amines vaginal fluid qual$5.99
82127Amino acid single qual$14.18
82128Amino acids mult qual$13.87
82131Amino acids single quant$22.98
82135Assay aminolevulinic acid$16.45
82136Amino acids quant 2-5$19.61
82139Amino acids quan 6 or more$16.87
82140Assay of ammonia$14.57
82143Amniotic fluid scan$9.35
82150Assay of amylase$6.48
82154Androstanediol glucuronide$28.83
82157Assay of androstenedione$29.28
82160Assay of androsterone$25.55
82163Assay of angiotensin II$20.52
82164Angiotensin I enzyme test$14.60
82172Assay of apolipoprotein$21.09
82175Assay of arsenic$18.97
82180Assay of ascorbic acid$9.89
82190Atomic absorption$15.90
82232Assay of beta-2 protein$16.18
82239Bile acids total$17.12
82240Bile acids cholylglycine$26.58
82247Bilirubin total$5.02
82248Bilirubin direct$5.02
82252Fecal bilirubin test$4.56
82261Assay of biotinidase$16.87
82270Occult blood feces$4.38
82271Occult blood other sources$5.32
82272Occult bld feces 1-3 tests$4.23
82274Assay test for blood fecal$15.92
82286Assay of bradykinin$5.16
82300Assay of cadmium$23.64
82306Vitamin d 25 hydroxy$29.60
82308Assay of calcitonin$26.79
82310Assay of calcium$5.16
82330Assay of calcium$13.68
82331Calcium infusion test$13.34
82340Assay of calcium in urine$6.03
82355Calculus analysis qual$11.58
82360Calculus assay quant$12.87
82365Calculus spectroscopy$12.90
82370X-ray assay calculus$12.52
82373Assay c-d transfer measure$18.06
82374Assay blood carbon dioxide$4.88
82375Assay carboxyhb quant$12.32
82376Assay carboxyhb qual$14.07
82378Carcinoembryonic antigen$18.96
82379Assay of carnitine$16.87
82380Assay of carotene$9.22
82382Assay urine catecholamines$27.30
82383Assay blood catecholamines$29.08
82384Assay three catecholamines$25.25
82387Assay of cathepsin-d$18.06
82390Assay of ceruloplasmin$10.74
82397Chemiluminescent assay$14.12
82415Assay of chloramphenicol$12.67
82435Assay of blood chloride$4.60
82436Assay of urine chloride$5.75
82438Assay other fluid chlorides$5.00
82441Test for chlorohydrocarbons$6.01
82465Assay bld/serum cholesterol$4.35
82480Assay serum cholinesterase$7.87
82482Assay rbc cholinesterase$9.81
82485Assay chondroitin sulfate$20.65
82495Assay of chromium$20.28
82507Assay of citrate$27.80
82523Collagen crosslinks$18.68
82525Assay of copper$12.41
82528Assay of corticosterone$22.52
82530Cortisol free$16.71
82533Total cortisol$16.30
82540Assay of creatine$4.64
82542Column chromotography quant$24.09
82550Assay of ck (cpk)$6.51
82552Assay of cpk in blood$13.39
82553Creatine mb fraction$11.55
82554Creatine isoforms$11.87
82565Assay of creatinine$5.12
82570Assay of urine creatinine$5.18
82575Creatinine clearance test$9.46
82585Assay of cryofibrinogen$14.14
82595Assay of cryoglobulin$6.47
82600Assay of cyanide$19.4
82607Vitamin B-12$15.08
82608B-12 binding capacity$14.32
82610Cystatin c$18.52
82615Test for urine cystines$9.55
82638Assay of dibucaine number$12.25
82652Vit d 1 25-dihydroxy$38.50
82656Pancreatic elastase fecal$11.53
82657Enzyme cell activity$22.17
82658Enzyme cell activity ra$44.03
82664Electrophoretic test$61.50
82668Assay of erythropoietin$18.79
82670Assay of estradiol$27.94
82671Assay of estrogens$32.30
82672Assay of estrogen$21.70
82677Assay of estriol$24.18
82679Assay of estrone$24.95
82693Assay of ethylene glycol$14.90
82696Assay of etiocholanolone$26.24
82705Fats/lipids feces qual$5.10
82710Fats/lipids feces quant$16.80
82715Assay of fecal fat$22.97
82725Assay of blood fatty acids$18.77
82726Long chain fatty acids$19.75
82728Assay of ferritin$13.63
82731Assay of fetal fibronectin$64.41
82735Assay of fluoride$18.54
82746Blood folic acid serum$14.70
82747Assay of folic acid rbc$17.65
82757Assay of semen fructose$17.34
82759Assay of rbc galactokinase$21.48
82760Assay of galactose$11.20
82775Assay galactose transferase$21.07
82776Galactose transferase test$11.74
82784Assay iga/igd/igg/igm each$9.30
82785Assay of ige$16.46
82787Igg 1 2 3 or 4 each$8.02
82800Blood pH$11.00
82803Blood gases any combination$26.07
82805Blood gases w/o2 saturation$78.77
82810Blood gases o2 sat only$9.77
82820Hemoglobin-oxygen affinity$13.34
82930Gastric analy w/ph ea spec$6.71
82938Gastrin test$17.69
82941Assay of gastrin$17.63
82943Assay of glucagon$14.29
82945Glucose other fluid$3.93
82946Glucagon tolerance test$17.77
82947Assay glucose blood quant$3.93
82948Reagent strip/blood glucose$5.04
82950Glucose test$4.75
82951Glucose tolerance test (GTT)$12.87
82952GTT-added samples$3.92
82955Assay of g6pd enzyme$9.70
82960Test for G6PD enzyme$6.05
82962Glucose blood test$3.28
82963Assay of glucosidase$21.48
82965Assay of gdh enzyme$13.15
82977Assay of GGT$7.20
82978Assay of glutathione$15.45
82979Assay rbc glutathione$9.44
82985Glycated protein$16.76
83001Gonadotropin (FSH)$18.58
83002Gonadotropin (LH)$18.52
83003Assay growth hormone (hgh)$16.67
83006Growth stimulation gene 2$75.60
83009H pylori (c-13) blood$67.36
83010Assay of haptoglobin quant$12.58
83012Assay of haptoglobins$26.89
83013H pylori (c-13) breath$67.36
83014H pylori drug admin$7.86
83015Heavy metal screen$20.94
83018Quantitative screen metals$21.96
83020Hemoglobin electrophoresis$12.87
83021Hemoglobin chromotography$18.06
83026Hemoglobin copper sulfate$4.01
83030Fetal hemoglobin chemical$10.74
83033Fetal hemoglobin assay qual$8.00
83036Glycosylated hemoglobin test$9.71
83037Glycosylated hb home device$9.71
83045Blood methemoglobin test$6.49
83050Blood methemoglobin assay$8.200
83051Assay of plasma hemoglobin$7.31
83060Blood sulfhemoglobin assay$8.80
83065Assay of hemoglobin heat$9.00
83068Hemoglobin stability screen$9.47
83069Assay of urine hemoglobin$3.95
83070Assay of hemosiderin qual$4.75
83080Assay of b hexosaminidase$16.87
83088Assay of histamine$29.53
83090Assay of homocystine$17.92
83150Assay of for hva$22.41
83491Assay of corticosteroids$17.90
83497Assay of 5-hiaa$12.90
83498Assay of progesterone$27.17
83500Assay free hydroxyproline$22.65
83505Assay total hydroxyproline$24.3
83516Immunoassay nonantibody$11.53
83518Immunoassay dipstick$9.64
83519Ria nonantibody$18.40
83520Immunoassay quant nos nonab$17.27
83525Assay of insulin$11.43
83527Assay of insulin$12.95
83528Assay of intrinsic factor$19.82
83540Assay of iron$6.47
83550Iron binding test$8.74
83570Assay of idh enzyme$8.85
83582Assay of ketogenic steroids$15.47
83586Assay 17- ketosteroids$12.80
83593Fractionation ketosteroids$28.50
83605Assay of lactic acid$11.57
83615Lactate (LD) (LDH) enzyme$6.04
83625Assay of ldh enzymes$12.79
83630Lactoferrin fecal (qual)$19.70
83631Lactoferrin fecal (quant)$19.63
83632Placental lactogen$20.22
83633Test urine for lactose$11.25
83655Assay of lead$12.11
83661L/s ratio fetal lung$21.99
83662Foam stability fetal lung$18.91
83663Fluoro polarize fetal lung$18.91
83664Lamellar bdy fetal lung$19.32
83670Assay of lap enzyme$9.81
83690Assay of lipase$6.89
83695Assay of lipoprotein(a)$14.32
83698Assay lipoprotein pla2$46.31
83700Lipopro bld electrophoretic$11.26
83701Lipoprotein bld hr fraction$33.86
83704Lipoprotein bld by nmr$34.19
83718Assay of lipoprotein$8.19
83719Assay of blood lipoprotein$12.75
83721Assay of blood lipoprotein$10.50
83727Assay of lrh hormone$17.19
83735Assay of magnesium$6.70
83775Assay of md enzyme$7.37
83785Assay of manganese$26.65
83789Mass spectrometry quant$24.11
83825Assay of mercury$16.26
83835Assay of metanephrines$16.94
83857Assay of methemalbumin$10.74
83861Microfluid analy tears$22.48
83872Assay synovial fluid mucin$5.86
83873Assay of csf protein$17.2
83874Assay of myoglobin$12.92
83876Assay myeloperoxidase$50.86
83880Natriuretic peptide$39.26
83883Assay nephelometry not spec$13.60
83885Assay of nickel$24.51
83915Assay of nucleotidase$11.15
83916Oligoclonal bands$27.39
83918Organic acids total quant$23.60
83919Organic acids qual each$16.45
83921Organic acid single quant$21.21
83930Assay of blood osmolality$6.61
83935Assay of urine osmolality$6.82
83937Assay of osteocalcin$29.85
83945Assay of oxalate$14.45
83950Oncoprotein her-2/neu$64.41
83951Oncoprotein dcp$64.41
83970Assay of parathormone$41.28
83986Assay ph body fluid nos$3.58
83987Exhaled breath condensate$3.58
83993Assay for calprotectin fecal$19.63
84030Assay of blood pku$5.50
84035Assay of phenylketones$3.98
84060Assay acid phosphatase$7.64
84066Assay prostate phosphatase$9.66
84075Assay alkaline phosphatase$5.18
84078Assay alkaline phosphatase$8.26
84080Assay alkaline phosphatases$14.78
84081Amniotic fluid enzyme test$16.52
84085Assay of rbc pg6d enzyme$9.44
84087Assay phosphohexose enzymes$10.73
84100Assay of phosphorus$4.74
84105Assay of urine phosphorus$5.78
84106Test for porphobilinogen$5.82
84110Assay of porphobilinogen$8.44
84112Placenta alpha micro ig c/v$98.11
84119Test urine for porphyrins$13.36
84120Assay of urine porphyrins$14.71
84126Assay of feces porphyrins$39.11
84132Assay of serum potassium$4.76
84133Assay of urine potassium$4.73
84134Assay of prealbumin$14.59
84135Assay of pregnanediol$21.27
84138Assay of pregnanetriol$21.05
84140Assay of pregnenolone$20.67
84143Assay of 17-hydroxypregneno$22.81
84144Assay of progesterone$20.86
84145Procalcitonin (pct)$27.22
84146Assay of prolactin$19.38
84150Assay of prostaglandin$41.77
84152Assay of psa complexed$18.39
84153Assay of psa total$18.39
84154Assay of psa free$18.39
84155Assay of protein serum$3.67
84156Assay of protein urine$3.67
84157Assay of protein other$4.00
84160Assay of protein any source$5.61
84163Pappa serum$15.05
84165Protein e-phoresis serum$10.74
84166Protein e-phoresis/urine/csf$17.83
84181Western blot test$17.03
84182Protein western blot test$29.21
84202Assay RBC protoporphyrin$14.35
84203Test RBC protoporphyrin$9.74
84206Assay of proinsulin$26.69
84207Assay of vitamin b-6$28.10
84210Assay of pyruvate$14.48
84220Assay of pyruvate kinase$9.44
84228Assay of quinine$11.63
84233Assay of estrogen$87.88
84234Assay of progesterone$64.88
84235Assay of endocrine hormone$71.23
84238Assay nonendocrine receptor$36.57
84244Assay of renin$21.99
84252Assay of vitamin b-2$20.24
84255Assay of selenium$25.53
84260Assay of serotonin$30.98
84270Assay of sex hormone globul$21.73
84275Assay of sialic acid$13.44
84285Assay of silica$25.21
84295Assay of serum sodium$4.81
84300Assay of urine sodium$5.06
84302Assay of sweat sodium$4.86
84305Assay of somatomedin$21.26
84307Assay of somatostatin$18.28
84315Body fluid specific gravity$3.28
84375Chromatogram assay sugars$39.00
84376Sugars single qual$5.50
84377Sugars multiple qual$5.50
84378Sugars single quant$11.53
84379Sugars multiple quant$11.53
84392Assay of urine sulfate$5.49
84402Assay of testosterone$25.47
84403Assay of total testosterone$25.81
84425Assay of vitamin b-1$21.23
84430Assay of thiocyanate$11.63
84431Thromboxane urine$35.11
84432Assay of thyroglobulin$16.06
84436Assay of total thyroxine$6.87
84437Assay of neonatal thyroxine$6.47
84439Assay of free thyroxine$9.02
84442Assay of thyroid activity$14.78
84443Assay thyroid stim hormone$16.80
84445Assay of tsi$50.86
84446Assay of vitamin e$14.18
84449Assay of transcortin$18.00
84450Transferase (AST) (SGOT)$5.18
84460Alanine amino (ALT) (SGPT)$5.30
84466Assay of transferrin$12.76
84478Assay of triglycerides$5.74
84479Assay of thyroid (t3 or t4)$6.47
84480Assay triiodothyronine (t3)$14.18
84481Free assay (FT-3)$16.94
84482T3 reverse$15.76
84484Assay of troponin quant$12.47
84485Assay duodenal fluid trypsin$7.20
84488Test feces for trypsin$7.30
84490Assay of feces for trypsin$9.93
84510Assay of tyrosine$10.63
84512Assay of troponin qual$10.09
84520Assay of urea nitrogen$3.95
84525Urea nitrogen semi-quant$5.13
84540Assay of urine/urea-n$5.56
84545Urea-N clearance test$7.20
84550Assay of blood/uric acid$4.52
84560Assay of urine/uric acid$5.08
84577Assay of feces/urobilinogen$16.80
84578Test urine urobilinogen$4.47
84580Assay of urine urobilinogen$9.55
84583Assay of urine urobilinogen$6.05
84585Assay of urine vma$15.5
84586Assay of vip$35.33
84588Assay of vasopressin$33.94
84590Assay of vitamin a$11.61
84591Assay of nos vitamin$17.06
84597Assay of vitamin k$13.72
84600Assay of volatiles$17.11
84620Xylose tolerance test$12.91
84630Assay of zinc$11.39
84681Assay of c-peptide$20.81
84702Chorionic gonadotropin test$15.05
84703Chorionic gonadotropin assay$7.52
84704Hcg free betachain test$15.29
84830Ovulation tests$12.7
85002Bleeding time test$4.82
85004Automated diff wbc count$6.47
85007Bl smear w/diff wbc count$3.80
85008Bl smear w/o diff wbc count$3.43
85009Manual diff wbc count b-coat$5.07
85013Spun microhematocrit$7.00
85025Complete cbc w/auto diff wbc$7.77
85027Complete cbc automated$6.47
85032Manual cell count each$4.31
85041Automated rbc count$3.02
85044Manual reticulocyte count$4.31
85045Automated reticulocyte count$3.99
85046Reticyte/hgb concentrate$5.57
85048Automated leukocyte count$2.54
85049Automated platelet count$4.48
85055Reticulated platelet assay$35.74
85130Chromogenic substrate assay$11.89
85170Blood clot retraction$16.3
85175Blood clot lysis time$20.37
85210Blood clot factor II test$12.98
85220Blood clot factor V test$17.65
85230Blood clot factor VII test$17.90
85240Blood clot factor VIII test$17.90
85244Blood clot factor VIII test$20.42
85245Blood clot factor VIII test$22.94
85246Blood clot factor VIII test$22.94
85247Blood clot factor VIII test$22.94
85250Blood clot factor IX test$19.04
85260Blood clot factor X test$17.90
85270Blood clot factor XI test$17.90
85280Blood clot factor XII test$19.35
85290Blood clot factor XIII test$16.34
85291Blood clot factor XIII test$9.11
85292Blood clot factor assay$18.93
85293Blood clot factor assay$18.93
85300Antithrombin III test$11.85
85301Antithrombin III test$10.81
85302Blood clot inhibitor antigen$12.01
85303Blood clot inhibitor test$13.84
85305Blood clot inhibitor assay$11.61
85306Blood clot inhibitor test$15.32
85307Assay activated protein c$15.32
85335Factor inhibitor test$12.87
85345Coagulation time$4.69
85347Coagulation time$4.28
85348Coagulation time$4.49
85360Euglobulin lysis$8.41
85362Fibrin degradation products$6.89
85366Fibrinogen test$80.46
85370Fibrinogen test$12.43
85378Fibrin degrade semiquant$9.72
85379Fibrin degradation quant$10.18
85380Fibrin degradation vte$10.18
85390Fibrinolysins screen$15.48
85397Clotting funct activity$30.86
85400Fibrinolytic plasmin$7.71
85410Fibrinolytic antiplasmin$7.71
85415Fibrinolytic plasminogen$17.19
85420Fibrinolytic plasminogen$6.53
85421Fibrinolytic plasminogen$10.18
85441Heinz bodies direct$4.20
85445Heinz bodies induced$6.82
85460Hemoglobin fetal$7.73
85461Hemoglobin fetal$9.36
85520Heparin assay$13.09
85525Heparin neutralization$11.84
85530Heparin-protamine tolerance$13.09
85536Iron stain peripheral blood$6.88
85540Wbc alkaline phosphatase$8.60
85547RBC mechanical fragility$8.60
85555RBC osmotic fragility$7.47
85557RBC osmotic fragility$13.36
85576Blood platelet aggregation$24.91
85597Phospholipid pltlt neutraliz$17.98
85598Hexagnal phosph pltlt neutrl$17.98
85610Prothrombin time$4.29
85611Prothrombin test$3.94
85612Viper venom prothrombin time$17.49
85613Russell viper venom diluted$9.58
85635Reptilase test$9.85
85651Rbc sed rate nonautomated$4.27
85652Rbc sed rate automated$2.70
85660RBC sickle cell test$5.51
85670Thrombin time plasma$5.77
85675Thrombin time titer$6.85
85705Thromboplastin inhibition$9.63
85730Thromboplastin time partial$6.01
85732Thromboplastin time partial$6.47
85810Blood viscosity examination$11.67
86000Agglutinins febrile$6.98
86001Allergen specific igg$7.82
86003Allergen specific IgE$5.22
86005Allergen specific IgE$7.97
86021WBC antibody identification$15.05
86022Platelet antibodies$18.37
86023Immunoglobulin assay$12.46
86038Antinuclear antibodies$12.09
86039Antinuclear antibodies (ANA)$11.16
86060Antistreptolysin o titer$7.30
86063Antistreptolysin o screen$5.77
86140C-reactive protein$5.18
86141C-reactive protein hs$12.95
86146Glycoprotein antibody$25.45
86147Cardiolipin antibody$25.45
86148Phospholipid antibody$16.07
86152Cell enumeration &id$250.78
86155Chemotaxis assay$15.99
86156Cold agglutinin screen$8.07
86157Cold agglutinin titer$8.06
86160Complement antigen$12.00
86161Complement/function activity$12.00
86162Complement total (ch50)$20.32
86171Complement fixation each$10.01
86200Ccp antibody$12.95
86215Deoxyribonuclease antibody$13.25
86225DNA antibody$13.74
86226Dna antibody single strand$12.11
86235Nuclear antigen antibody$17.93
86255Fluorescent antibody screen$12.05
86256Fluorescent antibody titer$12.05
86277Growth hormone antibody$15.74
86280Hemagglutination inhibition$8.19
86294Immunoassay tumor qual$25.57
86300Immunoassay tumor ca 15-3$20.81
86301Immunoassay tumor ca 19-9$20.81
86304Immunoassay tumor ca 125$20.81
86305Human epididymis protein 4$20.81
86308Heterophile antibodies$5.18
86309Heterophile antibodies$6.47
86310Heterophile antibodies$7.37
86316Immunoassay tumor other$20.81
86317Immunoassay infectious agent$14.99
86318Immunoassay infectious agent$18.09
86320Serum immunoelectrophoresis$29.92
86325Other immunoelectrophoresis$23.13
86327Immunoelectrophoresis assay$29.92
86331Immunodiffusion ouchterlony$11.98
86332Immune complex assay$24.37
86334Immunofix e-phoresis serum$22.34
86335Immunfix e-phorsis/urine/csf$29.35
86336Inhibin A$15.59
86337Insulin antibodies$21.41
86340Intrinsic factor antibody$15.08
86341Islet cell antibody$23.57
86343Leukocyte histamine release$12.46
86344Leukocyte phagocytosis$10.39
86352Cell function assay w/stim$135.86
86353Lymphocyte transformation$49.03
86355B cells total count$37.73
86356Mononuclear cell antigen$26.78
86357Nk cells total count$37.73
86359T cells total count$37.73
86360T cell absolute count/ratio$46.98
86361T cell absolute count$26.78
86367Stem cells total count$77.78
86376Microsomal antibody$14.55
86382Neutralization test viral$16.91
86384Nitroblue tetrazolium dye$13.61
86386Nuclear matrix protein 22$21.78
86403Particle agglutination test$11.54
86406Particle agglutination test$10.64
86430Rheumatoid factor test$6.14
86431Rheumatoid factor quant$5.67
86480Tb test cell immun measure$61.98
86481Tb ag response t-cell susp$100
86590Streptokinase antibody$12.66
86592Syphilis test non-trep qual$4.27
86593Syphilis test non-trep quant$4.40
86602Antinomyces antibody$10.18
86603Adenovirus antibody$12.87
86606Aspergillus antibody$15.05
86609Bacterium antibody$12.88
86611Bartonella antibody$10.18
86612Blastomyces antibody$12.9
86615Bordetella antibody$13.19
86617Lyme disease antibody$15.49
86618Lyme disease antibody$17.03
86619Borrelia antibody$13.38
86622Brucella antibody$8.93
86625Campylobacter antibody$13.12
86628Candida antibody$12.01
86631Chlamydia antibody$11.82
86632Chlamydia igm antibody$12.68
86635Coccidioides antibody$11.47
86638Q fever antibody$12.12
86641Cryptococcus antibody$14.41
86644CMV antibody$14.39
86645Cmv antibody igm$16.85
86648Diphtheria antibody$15.21
86651Encephalitis antibody$13.19
86652Encephalitis antibody$13.19
86653Encephalitis antibody$13.19
86654Encephalitis antibody$13.19
86658Enterovirus antibody$13.03
86663Epstein-barr antibody$13.12
86664Epstein-barr antibody$15.29
86665Epstein-barr antibody$18.14
86666Ehrlichia antibody$10.18
86668Francisella tularensis$14.16
86671Fungus antibody$12.25
86674Giardia lamblia antibody$14.72
86677Helicobacter pylori$16.85
86682Helminth antibody$13.01
86684Hemophilus influenza$15.84
86687Htlv-i antibody$9.09
86688Htlv-ii antibody$14.00
86689HTLV/HIV confirmatory test$19.35
86692Hepatitis delta agent$17.16
86694Herpes simplex test$14.39
86695Herpes simplex test$13.19
86696Herpes simplex type 2$19.35
86703Hiv-1/hiv-2 single result$13.71
86704Hep b core antibody total$12.05
86705Hep b core antibody igm$11.77
86706Hep b surface antibody$10.74
86707Hep be antibody$11.57
86708Hep a antibody total$12.39
86709Hep a antibody igm$11.26
86710Influenza virus antibody$13.55
86711John cunningham antibody$16.89
86713Legionella antibody$15.30
86717Leishmania antibody$12.25
86720Leptospira antibody$16.20
86723Listeria monocytogenes ab$13.19
86727Lymph choriomeningitis ab$12.87
86732Mucormycosis antibody$15.00
86735Mumps antibody$13.05
86738Mycoplasma antibody$13.24
86741Neisseria meningitidis$13.19
86744Nocardia antibody$15.99
86747Parvovirus antibody$15.03
86750Malaria antibody$13.19
86753Protozoa antibody nos$12.39
86756Respiratory virus antibody$15.89
86757Rickettsia antibody$19.35
86759Rotavirus antibody$18.23
86762Rubella antibody$14.39
86765Rubeola antibody$12.88
86768Salmonella antibody$13.19
86771Shigella antibody$24.48
86774Tetanus antibody$14.80
86777Toxoplasma antibody$14.39
86778Toxoplasma antibody igm$14.41
86780Treponema pallidum$13.24
86784Trichinella antibody$12.56
86787Varicella-zoster antibody$12.88
86788West nile virus ab igm$16.85
86789West nile virus antibody$14.39
86790Virus antibody nos$12.88
86793Yersinia antibody$13.19
86800Thyroglobulin antibody$15.91
86803Hepatitis c ab test$14.27
86804Hep c ab test confirm$15.49
86805Lymphocytotoxicity assay$189.51
86806Lymphocytotoxicity assay$47.59
86807Cytotoxic antibody screening$78.65
86808Cytotoxic antibody screening$29.68
86812Hla typing a b or c$25.81
86813Hla typing a b or c$58.00
86816Hla typing dr/dq$30.17
86817Hla typing dr/dq$106.14
86821Lymphocyte culture mixed$36.56
86825Hla x-math non-cytotoxic$109.49
86826Hla x-match noncytotoxc addl$36.53
86828Hla class i&ii antibody qual$64.19
86829Hla class i/ii antibody qual$64.19
86830Hla class i phenotype qual$95.52
86831Hla class ii phenotype qual$81.88
86832Hla class i high defin qual$323.75
86833Hla class ii high defin qual$325.8
86834Hla class i semiquant panel$357.56
86835Hla class ii semiquant panel$322.96
86880Coombs test direct$5.39
86885Coombs test indirect qual$5.72
86886Coombs test indirect titer$5.18
86900Blood typing abo$2.99
86901Blood typing rh (d)$2.99
86902Blood type antigen donor ea$6.35
86904Blood typing patient serum$16.34
86905Blood typing rbc antigens$3.83
86906Blood typing rh phenotype$7.75
86940Hemolysins/agglutinins auto$8.77
87003Small animal inoculation$16.84
87015Specimen concentration$6.68
87040Blood culture for bacteria$10.32
87045Feces culture bacteria$9.44
87046Stool cultr bacteria each$9.44
87070Culture bacteria other$8.62
87071Culture bacteri aerobic othr$9.89
87073Culture bacteria anaerobic$9.66
87075Cultr bacteria except blood$9.47
87076Culture anaerobe ident each$8.08
87077Culture aerobic identify$8.08
87081Culture screen only$6.63
87084Culture of specimen by kit$27.07
87086Urine culture/colony count$8.07
87088Urine bacteria culture$8.09
87101Skin fungi culture$7.71
87102Fungus isolation culture$8.41
87103Blood fungus culture$20.46
87106Fungi identification yeast$10.32
87107Fungi identification mold$10.32
87110Chlamydia culture$19.60
87116Mycobacteria culture$10.80
87118Mycobacteric identification$14.61
87140Culture type immunofluoresc$5.57
87143Culture typing glc/hplc$12.52
87147Culture type immunologic$5.18
87149Dna/rna direct probe$20.05
87150Dna/rna amplified probe$35.09
87152Culture type pulse field gel$7.74
87153Dna/rna sequencing$115.36
87158Culture typing added method$7.74
87164Dark field examination$10.74
87166Dark field examination$11.30
87168Macroscopic exam arthropod$4.27
87169Macroscopic exam parasite$4.31
87172Pinworm exam$4.27
87176Tissue homogenization cultr$5.88
87177Ova and parasites smears$8.90
87181Microbe susceptible diffuse$4.75
87184Microbe susceptible disk$7.48
87185Microbe susceptible enzyme$4.75
87186Microbe susceptible mic$8.65
87187Microbe susceptible mlc$40.17
87188Microbe suscept macrobroth$6.64
87190Microbe suscept mycobacteri$7.31
87197Bactericidal level serum$15.02
87205Smear gram stain$4.27
87206Smear fluorescent/acid stai$5.39
87207Smear special stain$5.99
87209Smear complex stain$17.98
87210Smear wet mount saline/ink$5.82
87220Tissue exam for fungi$4.27
87230Assay toxin or antitoxin$19.74
87250Virus inoculate eggs/animal$19.56
87252Virus inoculation tissue$26.07
87253Virus inoculate tissue addl$20.20
87254Virus inoculation shell via$19.56
87255Genet virus isolate hsv$33.86
87260Adenovirus ag if$14.43
87265Pertussis ag if$11.98
87267Enterovirus antibody dfa$13.42
87269Giardia ag if$13.61
87270Chlamydia trachomatis ag if$11.98
87271Cytomegalovirus dfa$13.42
87272Cryptosporidium ag if$11.98
87273Herpes simplex 2 ag if$11.98
87274Herpes simplex 1 ag if$11.98
87275Influenza b ag if$12.25
87276Influenza a ag if$16.07
87278Legion pneumophilia ag if$15.60
87279Parainfluenza ag if$16.43
87280Respiratory syncytial ag if$13.42
87281Pneumocystis carinii ag if$11.98
87283Rubeola ag if$60.80
87285Treponema pallidum ag if$12.18
87290Varicella zoster ag if$13.42
87299Antibody detection nos if$16.10
87300Ag detection polyval if$11.98
87301Adenovirus ag eia$11.98
87305Aspergillus ag eia$11.98
87320Chylmd trach ag eia$15.00
87324Clostridium ag eia$11.98
87327Cryptococcus neoform ag eia$13.42
87328Cryptosporidium ag eia$13.82
87329Giardia ag eia$11.98
87332Cytomegalovirus ag eia$11.98
87335E coli 0157 ag eia$12.66
87336Entamoeb hist dispr ag eia$16.00
87337Entamoeb hist group ag eia$11.98
87338Hpylori stool eia$14.38
87339H pylori ag eia$16.00
87340Hepatitis b surface ag eia$10.33
87341Hepatitis b surface ag eia$10.33
87350Hepatitis be ag eia$11.53
87380Hepatitis delta ag eia$18.36
87385Histoplasma capsul ag eia$13.25
87389Hiv-1 ag w/hiv-1 & hiv-2 ab$24.08
87390Hiv-1 ag eia$24.06
87391Hiv-2 ag eia$21.90
87400Influenza a/b ag eia$14.13
87420Resp syncytial ag eia$13.91
87425Rotavirus ag eia$11.98
87427Shiga-like toxin ag eia$11.98
87430Strep a ag eia$16.81
87449Ag detect nos eia mult$11.98
87450Ag detect nos eia singleN/A
87451Ag detect polyval eia mult$10.51
87471Bartonella dna amp probe$35.09
87472Bartonella dna quant$42.84
87475Lyme dis dna dir probe$20.05
87476Lyme dis dna amp probe$35.09
87480Candida dna dir probe$20.05
87481Candida dna amp probe$35.09
87482Candida dna quant$55.74
87485Chylmd pneum dna dir probe$20.05
87486Chylmd pneum dna amp probe$35.09
87487Chylmd pneum dna quant$42.84
87490Chylmd trach dna dir probe$22.75
87491Chylmd trach dna amp probe$35.09
87492Chylmd trach dna quant$53.47
87493C diff amplified probe$37.27
87495Cytomeg dna dir probe$30.03
87496Cytomeg dna amp probe$35.09
87497Cytomeg dna quant$42.84
87498Enterovirus dna amp probe$35.09
87500Vanomycin dna amp probe$35.09
87501Influenza dna amp prob 1+$51.31
87502Influenza dna amp probe$95.80
87503Influenza dna amp prob addl$29.22
87505Nfct agent detection gi$128.29
87506Iadna-dna/rna probe tq 6-11$262.99
87507Iadna-dna/rna probe tq 12-25$416.78
87510Gardner vag dna dir probe$20.05
87511Gardner vag dna amp probe$35.09
87512Gardner vag dna quant$41.76
87516Hepatitis b dna amp probe$35.09
87517Hepatitis b dna quant$42.84
87520Hepatitis c rna dir probe$31.22
87521Hepatitis c rna amp probe$35.09
87522Hepatitis c rna quant$42.84
87525Hepatitis g dna dir probe$29.80
87526Hepatitis g dna amp probe$39.26
87527Hepatitis g dna quant$41.76
87528Hsv dna dir probe$20.05
87529Hsv dna amp probe$35.09
87530Hsv dna quant$42.84
87531Hhv-6 dna dir probe$58.00
87532Hhv-6 dna amp probe$35.09
87533Hhv-6 dna quant$41.76
87534Hiv-1 dna dir probe$21.92
87535Hiv-1 dna amp probe$35.09
87536Hiv-1 dna quant$85.10
87537Hiv-2 dna dir probe$21.92
87538Hiv-2 dna amp probe$35.09
87539Hiv-2 dna quant$58.62
87540Legion pneumo dna dir prob$20.05
87541Legion pneumo dna amp prob$35.09
87542Legion pneumo dna quant$41.76
87550Mycobacteria dna dir probe$20.05
87551Mycobacteria dna amp probe$48.24
87552Mycobacteria dna quant$42.84
87555M.tuberculo dna dir probe$26.88
87556M.tuberculo dna amp probe$41.68
87557M.tuberculo dna quant$42.84
87560M.avium-intra dna dir prob$27.29
87561M.avium-intra dna amp prob$35.09
87562M.avium-intra dna quant$42.84
87580M.pneumon dna dir probe$20.05
87581M.pneumon dna amp probe$35.09
87582M.pneumon dna quant$302.62
87590N.gonorrhoeae dna dir prob$26.88
87591N.gonorrhoeae dna amp prob$35.09
87592N.gonorrhoeae dna quant$42.84
87623Hpv low-risk types$35.09
87624Hpv high-risk types$35.09
87625Hpv types 16 & 18 only$40.55
87631Resp virus 3-11 targets$142.63
87632Resp virus 6-11 targets$218.06
87633Resp virus 12-25 targets$416.78
87640Staph a dna amp probe$35.09
87641Mr-staph dna amp probe$35.09
87650Strep a dna dir probe$20.05
87651Strep a dna amp probe$35.09
87652Strep a dna quant$41.76
87653Strep b dna amp probe$35.09
87660Trichomonas vagin dir probe$20.05
87661Trichomonas vaginalis amplif$35.09
87797Detect agent nos dna dir$30.03
87798Detect agent nos dna amp$35.09
87799Detect agent nos dna quant$42.84
87800Detect agnt mult dna direc$43.67
87801Detect agnt mult dna ampli$70.20
87802Strep b assay w/optic$12.73
87803Clostridium toxin a w/optic$16.00
87804Influenza assay w/optic$16.55
87806Hiv antigen w/hiv antibodies$32.77
87807Rsv assay w/optic$13.10
87808Trichomonas assay w/optic$15.29
87809Adenovirus assay w/optic$21.76
87810Chylmd trach assay w/optic$35.29
87850N. gonorrhoeae assay w/optic$24.56
87880Strep a assay w/optic$16.53
87899Agent nos assay w/optic$16.07
87900Phenotype infect agent drug$130.35
87901Genotype dna hiv reverse t$257.45
87902Genotype dna hepatitis c$257.45
87903Phenotype dna hiv w/culture$488.66
87904Phenotype dna hiv w/clt add$26.07
87905Sialidase enzyme assay$12.22
87906Genotype dna hiv reverse t$128.73
87910Genotype cytomegalovirus$257.45
87912Genotype dna hepatitis b$257.45
88130Sex chromatin identification$17.98
88140Sex chromatin identification$7.99
88142Cytopath c/v thin layer$20.26
88143Cytopath c/v thin layer$23.04
88147Cytopath c/v automated$50.56
88148Cytopath c/v auto rescreen$16.00
88150Cytopath c/v manual$15.92
88152Cytopath c/v auto$27.64
88153Cytopath c/v$24.03
88155Cytopath c/v index add-on$14.65
88164Cytopath tbs c/v manual$15.92
88165Cytopath tbs c/v$42.22
88166Cytopath tbs c/v auto$15.92
88167Cytopath tbs c/v select$15.92
88174Cytopath c/v auto in fluid$25.37
88175Cytopath c/v auto fluid$26.61
88230Tissue culture lymphocyte$116.49
88233Tissue culture skin/biopsy$140.73
88235Tissue culture placenta$150.30
88237Tissue culture bone marrow$143.75
88239Tissue culture tumor$147.52
88240Cell cryopreserve/storage$13.07
88241Frozen cell preparation$12.09
88245Chromosome analysis 20-25$173.17
88248Chromosome analysis 50-100$173.17
88249Chromosome analysis 100$173.17
88261Chromosome analysis 5$264.34
88262Chromosome analysis 15-20$125.49
88263Chromosome analysis 45$150.29
88264Chromosome analysis 20-25$144.61
88267Chromosome analys placenta$188.57
88269Chromosome analys amniotic$173.66
88271Cytogenetics dna probe$21.42
88272Cytogenetics 3-5$40.70
88273Cytogenetics 10-30$34.81
88274Cytogenetics 25-99$42.38
88275Cytogenetics 100-300$51.19
88280Chromosome karyotype study$33.47
88283Chromosome banding study$68.60
88285Chromosome count additional$26.91
88289Chromosome study additional$34.43
88371Protein western blot tissue$22.23
88372Protein analysis w/probe$26.22
88720Bilirubin total transcut$5.02
88738Hgb quant transcutaneous$5.02
88740Transcutaneous carboxyhb$9.37
88741Transcutaneous methb$9.37
89050Body fluid cell count$4.72
89051Body fluid cell count$5.6
89055Leukocyte assessment fecal$4.27
89060Exam synovial fluid crystals$7.33
89125Specimen fat stain$5.88
89160Exam feces for meat fibers$4.85
89190Nasal smear for eosinophils$5.79
89300Semen analysis w/huhner$9.84
89310Semen analysis w/count$8.61
89320Semen anal vol/count/mot$12.31
89321Semen anal sperm detection$12.05
89322Semen anal strict criteria$15.5
89325Sperm antibody test$10.67
89329Sperm evaluation test$19.59
89330Evaluation cervical mucus$10.38
89331Retrograde ejaculation anal$19.59
G0027Semen analysis$6.50
G0103Psa screening$19.31
G0123Screen cerv/vag thin layer$20.26
G0143Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr$27.05
G0144Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr$43.97
G0145Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr$26.49
G0147Scr c/v cyto, automated sys$15.92
G0148Scr c/v cyto, autosys, rescr$31.94
G0306CBC/diffwbc w/o platelet$7.77
G0307Cbc without platelet$6.47
G0327Colon ca scrn;bld-bsd biomrkN/A
G0328Fecal blood scrn immunoassay$18.05
G0432Eia hiv-1/hiv-2 screen$19.57
G0433Elisa hiv-1/hiv-2 screen$18.29
G0435Oral hiv-1/hiv-2 screen$11.98
G0471Ven blood coll SNF/HHA$5.00
G0476Hpv combo assay ca screen$35.09
G0499HepB screen high risk indiv$28.27
G2023Specimen collect covid-19$23.46
G2024Spec coll snf/lab covid-19$25.46
G9143Warfarin respon genetic test$120.72

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1 CPT codes, descriptions and other data only are copyright 2021 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved. Applicable FARS/HHSARS apply.

2 This list ONLY includes codes for the following designated health service (DHS) categories: clinical laboratory services. This list DOES NOT include codes for the following DHS categories: physical therapy services, occupational therapy services, outpatient speech-language pathology services, radiology, durable medical equipment and supplies; parenteral and enteral nutrients, equipment and supplies; prosthetics, orthotics, and prosthetic devices and supplies; home health services; outpatient prescription drugs; and inpatient and outpatient hospital services. For the definitions of these DHS categories, refer to §411.351. For more information, refer to the CMS website at http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Fraud-and-Abuse/PhysicianSelfReferral/List_of_Codes.html.

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