Molecular and Genetics Laboratory Billing


Molecular diagnostic testing, also known as genetic testing, are some of the higher-ticket tests within the clinical laboratory world. The more intricate these panels of tests are mean more crucial results that determine the outcome of patients’ health treatments.

Billing and coding procedures evolve with the complexity of molecular laboratory testing. This means labs need a molecular laboratory billing partner with the necessary expertise to ensure each claim is set up for 100% acceptance before the test is performed.

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Maximize Your Molecular Laboratory’s Profitability

Molecular Laboratory Billing Requires Coding Expertise

It has become more difficult identifying how molecular tests should be billed as CMS frequently gives individual or groups of up to 10 genes their own codes and corresponding modifiers. This has increased payment errors, administrative expense, compliance risks, and denials for labs. Our expertise in laboratory RCM can equip labs with a team of billing professionals and technology necessary to work with molecular laboratory billings unique codes. 


Claim scrubbing software automated to detect CPT code and modifier changes against fee schedules


Real-time reporting on molecular lab’s claim management data, data by payer, data by providers, patient information data, and data by testing menu


In-house developed technology that is updated to your genetics lab’s specific chargemaster against all CMS coding requirements

Preparing Genetics Laboratory Billing Claims for 100% Success

Higher-ticket genetics testing claims mean there’s a higher chance for the lab to not be reimbursed fully. Federal and commercial payers are adding more requirements daily to specific genetics tests as labs struggle to remain compliant, efficient, and profitable while submitting these claims. Our solutions ensure each claim has the required documentation that Medicare and other payers require before being sent.

Prior-authorization and eligibility checks

Automations that accurately input PHI and missing data
A team of lab billing experts that provide aggressive denial management and correction

Grow your lab with

full-service revenue cycle management


Phytest’s full-service revenue cycle management solutions do more than maintain a molecular lab’s billing processes, but equip them with a team of patient-facing, technology, and account manager professionals that allow the lab to leverage additional revenue and gainful data about their lab’s performance to their advantage – and take control of their growth.

Laboratory RCM crafted to promote growth

Patient Support

A team of patient-facing professionals that answer all questions and increase satisfaction – making payments faster.


Automated technology that inputs patient, coding, and missing data that reduces labor and increases accuracy.

Claim Management

Complete management from prior-authorization, eligibility checks, and correcting denials.

Real-Time Reporting

Access to real-time data on customizable dashboards that provide transparent financial data that you can export any way you need.

Software & Integration

Claim-scrubbing software catered to laboratories and tools that seamlessly integrate with any LIS system.

Unparalleled Service

Dedicated account managers, expert in-house developers, and a team of clinical laboratory billing specialists are available whenever you need.

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Phytest serves laboratories that have made the switch from subpar medical billing services or insufficient in-house billing. Our expertise in laboratory billing allows us to prepare individualized solutions for each client with the knowledge of the latest RCM software advances, and federal and state guidelines.

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